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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back in Baltimore

Roger and I have been back in America since the beginning of June. By the grace of God, we have both been able to find work while we are here. It is a miracle and a huge blessing that we can both make some money so that we can get back to Istanbul as soon as possible!
This week is the week of the International Convention in Baltimore! Roger and I are running a booth to raise money for Turkey missions and to hopefully open people's eyes to the great need for the Gospel in Turkey and the financial support that can make that possible.
Our goal is to return to Istanbul some time in August, but as of now, we are just working hard, going by faith and praying that God touches people's hearts and leads them to support our work there. We KNOW that we are called to the Turks and we trust that God will provide as He has been so faithfully in the past. Its amazing to grasp even just a little of God's graciousness and personal care for us!

The Lange Family Reunited

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