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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Send Ece and Niyazi to the Baltimore Convention!

Hello dear friends,
We are coming to you again with an urgent request. Your amazing generous response in sending five of our Turks to Budapest this March was truly amazing and we do not take it lightly. It was clearly the work of God in your hearts! Now we are coming to you again. It goes without saying that the International Convention in Baltimore would be an invaluable time of discipleship, encouragement and joy for our Turks. Specifically, we have two Turks that we really believe should be there this year. The total amount that we need, which includes airfare, passport fees, visa fees, food, transportation, lodging and conference registration is about $1300 per person.

First, there is a girl named Ece (pronounced "Ajay") who has been saved for almost 2 years. She met our church through Pastor Joszeph's wife, Zumrad, while they were living here. She is basically our only Turkish female disciple. She is going to be baptized in the coming weeks and is really an amazing woman of God. She loves our church, specifically the categorical doctrine that we hold so dear. She speaks English very well because she is studying English literature in university now. Before becoming a believer, she was an agnostic, even though her family call themselves Muslims. But the love of God and the truth of the Word are now her source of peace and hope. We love her very much and we all believe that this is the year God has prepared for her to go to Baltimore for spiritual refreshment and enlargement of her faith.

Our second Turk for Baltimore is Niyazi. Some of you may know him because he has been to Baltimore once before in 2007. He is our native Turkish translator and a great discipler of our Turkish men. His wife, Irada, is from the church in Baku and is expecting a baby boy in a few weeks. They are an amazing couple who have added so much to our team with their available hearts, humble spirits, and gifted minds. They are truly indispensable to us! Niyazi longs to be at Convention but simply does not have the money to get there right now. Again, I can't say enough how amazing it would be for him to come and enjoy the fellowship and the Word that Convention is so full of!

So, now that you know a little bit about Ece and Niyazi, please very seriously consider supporting their trip to Baltimore. Without your generous help, this simply will not happen. Pastor Matti's latest message was about how God is in control and He has a plan for our lives far beyond what we can imagine, but we must be available to Him! So we are asking you, please be available to God's leading in this matter.

God bless you,
Liz & Roger Robbins

P.S. The best way to give is through the Missions Office (6025 Moravia Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21206) or online (http://www.ggwo.org/index.php?module=main&action=supportus).

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