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Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick Update

Hello friends!
Its been a long time since we've posted anything on here. I apologize to all of you who faithfully check our blog! While we are in America, we do not post as often. But please continue to check in on us and we promised to be more consistent once we're back in Istanbul.
About that, our plan is to continue working full time and saving up money here in Baltimore until the first or second week in September. Please keep our finances in prayer - that is the only thing keeping us from going back right now! We miss our home, our church, our friends, and our pastor!

For all of you who know and love Kubra (and Kemal), please keep praying for her. She has already had the heart surgery, and it went well. She is recovering now and will have the main brain surgery in early August if all goes well. Pray for miraculous recovery of damaged cells and organs in Kurba's body, for Kemal's strength and endurance, and for Kubra's mother and siblings who are back home in Istanbul waiting anxiously for their safe return.

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