Missions March 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Pastor Matti's message on Wednesday night was so great and thought provoking, I thought it would be good to post some thoughts I had about it.
The world is a hard place to live, full of evil and injustice, crawling with sinners just waiting to disappoint us or betray us - and yet we are happy! How can this be? Are we naive in our worldview? Do we ignore the facts that are all around us which tell us that there is nothing to be happy about? No, far from it. We see beyond the natural to the spiritual world in which we are already victorious! We have carefully read our Bibles and come to the conclusion that God is good and loving, there can be eternity with Him and salvation is free. That is why we are happy. Not because this earthly life is full of pleasure, but because our lives are lived for Him and He is faithful to do it! It is a genuine joy that comes from within - not the temporary happiness given by external experiences or pleasures. So when we walk into a cafe, someone's home, or our workplace, there is a joy overflowing from our countenances because we know the Truth and the Truth has set us free.

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