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Monday, January 10, 2011

EuroCon 2011 Budapest, Hungary

Below is an email I just received about EuroCon that I really appreciated. We are really believing that more Turks will be able to go to EuroCon this year than ever before. Believe with us!

Sometimes, over the years, the Lord has brought brothers and sisters to Eurocon from places as far away as India and Peru. I believe it could be a year for all of us to"think outside the box" and believe God for the extra. What could God do this year with us? I believe it will be a timely and very relevant conference for each of us.

Especially, let's pray for God to send people to Budapest who have never been before. To all of us, let's put our hearts into this work knowing that God will send
people and will promote His Son.

Pastor Schaller
GGWO Baltimore

GGWO Eurocon March 15-19, 2011 in Budapest Hungary

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