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Monday, February 21, 2011

Change is in the air...

Hello dear friends,
Sorry that we have not been more in touch. I know many of you heard that Liz was in the hospital. But let me start with the good news. Liz is pregnant! She is in her 7th week. The moment we landed in Istanbul was the moment everything started to deteriorate. She did not stop throwing up for four days, which was when we decided to go to the hospital. She spent three long tortuous nights there but was under excellent supervision and tender care of many sweet Turkish nurses. She has a severe form of morning sickness that only affects 3-5% of pregnant women. There was no way of knowing this would happen to a young healthy girl like Liz and the timing of it is uncanny as well...
So, we decided to leave the hospital this morning when she seemed to be improving a little bit. We have made the big decision to fly back home to Baltimore tomorrow morning. As some of you may know, Maryland offers free healthcare to pregnant women for those who qualify. So based on financial reasons, we think it's wise to head back as soon as possible so that we don't waste more money here on her treatment. We really value all the love and prayers - they were really felt and needed.
Please continue to pray for Liz and also for some big upcoming decisions that are looming. Roger will be returning to Istanbul for a period of time to be here with P. Matti and will also be going to EuroCon. We are unsure how long he will stay there and of course we don't like to be separated at a time like this. But we feel very taken care of and are trusting God for the amazing things He has in store for the Robbins family!

Liz Robbins
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