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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stop Managing!

We can manage our lives on this earth, but can we manage our lives when we stand in front of God someday? By managing, I mean juggling all our problems on our own, staying "on top" of every situation, and never acknowledging that our lives our out of our control. God isn't looking for great "managers", He is looking for those that will live by faith. The Bible says clearly that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. What an amazing day that will be! Think about the greatest men that have ever lived. If you would ask a Turkish person who that is, they would probably say Ataturk, the man who brought democracy and freedom of religion here to Turkey, a brilliant tactician of war, and a very well read man of philosophy, science, art, literature, mathematics and linguistics. This man is regarded as the Savior of Turkey. Thousands of children have been named after him, and every shop, business, home and apartment has a picture if him hanging somewhere for all to see. Please don't misunderstand what I'm going to say - I do not want to belittle what Ataturk has accomplished for Turkey - he brought democracy and freedom to this country. But I say, as great of a manager as he was, of his life and his country, he could do nothing to save a soul from death. What has he done that will last into eternity? Even his beautiful and impressive monuments and tomb will not last into eternity. For Jesus said, "heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away." But with all that managing energy that will put into our lives, we still can have no lasting and eternal effect. It is such a sad and lonely thing to think that I will return to the grave with only my "managed" life to show for it.
So who is He that conquered - not just nations and empire - but death and sin? Who is the only One that died for YOU and gave His life for YOU? Who's the One that didn't live a single day or a single moment for Himself? Who's the One that never managed His life, but gave it freely?
Jesus Christ.
There is no one like Him! There is nothing seen or heard like Him. Who can even be compared to Jesus Christ? He had no conquest. No fame or fortune. No recognition from this world, or reputation - just the Son of God who became a man, living not by His will but by His Father's. It wasn't for glory or fame, but to conquer death and sin - not for a certain people or country, but for every living man. Who can equal what Jesus Christ has done for you and me and for Turkey? You could add up all the good that this world has ever witnessed and it could never save a soul from death. You could add up every great leader, every great nation, every good book ever written - and it could not add up or be compared to the Person of Jesus Christ.
This is why we cannot manage our lives. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and he himself is destroyed and lost? I refuse to manage my life. It might be a great life I am managing, but think of the great loss it will be without Jesus Christ! Christ came so that we could stop managing our lives and live His life. So why don't we stop managing our lives and start living with Christ? Remember, there's no managing with Christ. Anything less than Christ is Christ-less. So let Jesus Christ manage your life by living in faith. Let go of your strength and live in His. The world says "you're foolish" but Christ says, "You are wise." The world says "manage" and Christ says, "lose your life and follow Me."



Bryan said...

Great thoughts, Roger/Liz. Very relevant to me. God bless you guys and God bless Turkey.

Jack said...

Great truth,Roger.It's so wonderful to hear and see His sons and doughters walking in His light and knowledge.Praise god for Hos blessed thoughts and life in you.