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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God is so Faithful

We are back from our whirlwind tour of Finland! We had an amazing and incredibly encouraging time there with all the young people who have on fire hearts for God.
But it is SO good to be back in Istanbul! Roger and I love to travel (our passports are proof enough - we've been to 7 countries in 4 months!), but after each trip the greatest joy has been to come back to Turkey. Every trip was from God and edified us in different ways, but they were also a wonderful assurance that our call is to Turkey.
Pastor Kende from Budapest is visiting now and today we went on evangelism together. At first we didn't have any luck finding english speakers to talk to so I thought it would be a good idea to go to the one place Roger and I always meet someone...Burger King! and God was faithful to put the right people in our path. I met a girl whose name means love in Turkish (Sevgi) and she was so sweet and open. I invited her to church, but as always, you never know how interested people are about coming. But as I was sitting there waiting for Pastor Kende to finish his conversation, she shyly walked back up to me and said she would like to come to the service tonight! She gave me her phone number just to make sure I wouldn't forget about her. I was so blessed because I have been really praying for more turkish girls to come to church.

God is so faithful to hear our prayers - why wouldn't He be? Pastor Matti often says that, "Lets pray for this...Don't you think God would like to answer this prayer?" When we pray according to God's heart, it must be such a joy for Him to hear it. We cannot control who we meet or when, but when we pray and let God lead us - won't He be faithful to provide?

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