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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Having a Name but the Name not living within us!

Its so easy to have the Name of Jesus or Christianity but not have the Name living within you. P. Matti pointed out last night in his message that God is Greatest of all beings and no one can compare. But some where in the hearts of sinful men, we have decided to believe that we are gods and we are the greatest beings in this world. The thing that clearly defines this belief is secularism. Man is the standard for everything because there is no other absolute. When you take God away there are no absolutes and men suddenly believe that they are the greatest beings. But if man is the only standard then its a corrupt system, and this is what we see all over the world today. This is not neutrality but this is a religion. So how do we stay away from this kind of living? "Faith", God's greatest gift to man. A choice to believe and to have purpose that is greater than ourselves. Because of faith we have joy. Not just happiness but something more that goes way beyond anything that we could create. This way of living is a choice. How do we stay this way? Fervency. P. Matti said in his message that it means to boil and bubble over. This is the way God wants us to live. Never lacking but always giving and pouring out with purpose and joy. How do we define this? The Bible defines everything! Its our dividing point, and its not neutral. The Bible defines our faith and what it should be. And most of all it shows us how to guard our life from nominalism and secularism!!!

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