Missions March 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Barış & Suna

Roger befriended a young guy named Baris (means peace) after he delivered food to us at the church several times. He was very sweet and completely baffled that the place we were in was a church. He was intrigued for sure! He came to church the next night and really enjoyed P.Matti's message. He invited us to his house for dinner right away. He took us to their small apartment that he shares with his older brother's family of 4 and his sister. The children were asleep and his brother and sister-in-law work nights, so we had a great time with just Baris and his sister, Suna. They are from a large Kurdish family (nine children) that moved to Istanbul from an far eastern city in Turkey for work and more opportunity. They told us all about themselves, their lives, their hopes, their troubles. They were both so sweet and open. Suna made all the food and spread a tablecloth on the floor of the small living room where they both also sleep at night. So we ate soup, salad, fish, and rice while sitting on the floor and talking (only in Turkish, of course!). Please pray for these two wonderful people and their family! God has such an amazing plan for them and it is so far beyond what any of us can imagine.

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Matti said...

Hey there Turkey! I'm a new guy Matti from Vaasa's Greater Grace Church and I had privilege to hear pastor Matti preach in Helsinki a couple of weeks ago and it ignited me to pray for your church there.

Do you have any other prayer requests other than this couple? I'd be happy to bring those in prayer to the Lord.