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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hi everyone. Liz just asked me to make a post, so here we go. Its so great to be here and its amazing how we can take what we have in baltimore and bring it to a country where there are alot of hungry people. Its always seems like this country just toys around with its identity. So many people know they're not muslim but from there they don't know where to go with any certainty. Thats why its so great to meet turks here because they can see your identity written all over your face. We often forget how much purpose we have in Christ. We really don't live with any fear or doubt about tomorrow or where our faith is taking us.

Turks are so interested in this idea of possession, security, having a place, a heritage or a family. For them life is as good as they can make it w/ their own sweat and tears; and so is their faith, it all falls on them. As believers we know we're bought, seated above, hidden, heirs, brothers, children, and sealed with Christ. One lady we met today said, "I like you guys and I'm going to come and visit because everyone here wants to go to America but you guys left your country to come here. I like people who can against the flow." It was really cool to hear that, but it wouldn't be possible without identity and possession. 2 Tim. 1:9-12, Ezk. 36:26


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Pilvi said...

Great that you guys have a blog! Good to read it, and see the pictures!

Love you guys tons. Praying for you!