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Friday, January 30, 2009

This is one of my favorite places, despite how hectic it can be. Its a tourist trap, but I gladly fall into it! I love all the smells and beautiful colors...not to mention all the great deals you can find! Here you can barter with the shop owners to get a low price on all kinds of things like spices, turkish delight, beautiful scarves, hand made pottery and jewelry... Its magical. =)

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sarah said...

so cool! is that the grand bazaar or the egyptian bazaar??? i couldn't tell. i liked roger's line : i've been craving turkish delights!!!! quite the right place and country to satisfy such a craving! :)
we love you guys! s, j &k
hey Lizzy if you could film Faruk saying something for Jediah that would thriiiill him silly... and me too... a little bit.