Missions March 2010

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some of our thoughts this week...

What can I do for you, Lord? I think that could be such a difficult question to answer, if I were to attempt to answer it without the Bible. But I have seen that throughout the Bible, the greatest men are the ones that are most available. This concept is so simple that sometimes it hurts! I guess the Cross hurts, but this life of availability goes beyond what my mind has measured life to be. Isaiah said, "Here am I, send me." - that is the greatest thing we could ever do for God. If we put our life in God's hands, what are the limits?

With a structured, mechanical Christian walk, it seems the fire dies and faith can get lost. We must not limit our availability to a schedule or to what we think we are capable of in our natural strength.

Isaiah 6:8,9

Lord, Help me to be available to you. There are no limits to what You can do through me. Take me places I would never go, and show me people I would never meet. I want to have Your burden for the lost of Turkey. Let this be the only thing that moves me.

Pastor Matti said that a person who is available to God is: 1. not afraid of people, 2. not afraid of failure, and 3. not afraid of success. This is the best quality to have in ministry. It is when we allow our availability to go beyond what we have in our natural capacity that God works miraculously and is glorified the most!

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