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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aizhan - Grace Face

Name: Aizhan Tynalieva
Nationality/Home Church: Kyrgyzstan

Testimony of Salvation: In 2003, I was living in my home village of Saru with my family. I was struggling with depression, fighting with my family, and feeling very empty. A group from Greater Grace came to my village on a small missions trip (with Pastor Pamir and Eija). On my way to go visit my friend, I prayed to God, "God if you really exist, you must show me!" When I got to the cafe, the Greater Grace group was having a little rap there. One of the girls from the group came up to me to ask me where the bathroom was...and then she said, "Do you know that God loves you?" It was such an answer to my prayers! I stayed with them for the rest of the two weeks that they were there, I was at everything, never leaving them! I received Christ at one of the meetings and only a few weeks later, I left my village, my studies and my family to go to Bible college in Bishkek. Now my sister and brother have also received Christ.

What has encouraged me lately: I recently moved to Almaty, Kazakstan to be a part of the small team here. Its so great because I really feel like I have a place here and I am so motivated to study the Bible more and go on outreach!

Vision: I want to start a children's program here in Almaty.

Thanks and Greetings to: Marcia and Bruce Merriman, Eija, Liza and Barbara Stevens.

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