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Friday, February 13, 2009

My new friend Katie

I met Katie at Burger King with Roger on tuesday night while we were waiting to meet up with a friend of ours. We asked her to take our picture (always a great conversation starter) and she spoke English so we joined her for a little bit. We ended up exchanging numbers and then on thursday she called me! I was pleasantly surprised. So I met up with her that night and we went to a little cafe and got to know eachother a little better. She is actually from a part of Turkey that speaks a different language called Kilbis (I think thats how you spell it) but has lived in Istanbul for 6 years. She is 19 years old and studying psychology in university. She loves America and watches MTV alot! Her favorite show is Punked! haha. We had a great time, and today we went shopping together. I am so thankful that God is bringing new friends into my life here that I can share with. Its really humbling. So please pray for Katie!

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Justin said...

Drodge and liz what up.. just checked the old blog for the first time, loving it. Praying for you guys on the other side of the planet(kind of), praying for you in this Awesome work God has put us in.. Loving it..