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Thursday, February 26, 2009

NW China

We arrived in NW China by plane (Praise God, we were not able to take the 24 hr. bus route!) on sunday afternoon. We didn't have any trouble with customs or visas and our friends were waiting for us at the door. We have been staying with them in their very modern and spacious apartment and have been treated like royalty! I'm not sure how much longer than can continue this treatment, but we are thoroughly enjoying it!
Our first night here we got to meet some wonderful believers and taste the local cuisine. We tried things like lotus root, sweet potatoe noodles, and things I didn't recognize but tasted great! We also tried Uygur food! The Uygur people are a minority here that have a completely different culture, Islamic backgroud, with their own language that looks like arabic and their faces look almost turkish.
On wednesday, I spoke at a small women's gathering about relationships (at pastor javid's request). I just gave a few points that I thought are important and relevant to all relationships. First, it is not wise to be unequally yoked. Second, before we can have healthy relationships, we must have a personal understanding of our identity in Christ (we are loved, safe, valuable, secure, perfect in Him). and Lastly, we must keep the Cross between us at all times (Gal.2:20, we are crucified in Christ...) so that nothing can get between us. It was a sweet time with these wonderful young women who really needed to hear how Christ can be their all in all. They just soaked it up and received every word.
More to come from China!

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