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Monday, March 2, 2009

A Great Sunday in NW China!

This Sunday in NW China was like one I could only dream in heaven about. God is moving in such a way that there is so much freedom and so much joy. It all started with a early morning baptism that was the very first here in NW China for our ministry! I never thought I would be so blessed by being one of the only 4 to be there to witness such a great moment. This was written in the history books in Heaven and on Earth. I believe that not just the angels and all of heaven witnessed this moment but think all the demons of China that had to watch this great moment take place too! Its so clear here that the work of the Lord can not be stopped. Chinese people are coming to Christ at a very dramatic rate. When one person comes to Christ, the whole family comes to Christ. When one business men comes to Christ, all his colleagues come to Christ. There's no stopping the plan of God here!!! Its so evident here in China.
After this great morning, P. Matti met with certain people in the ministry here for one on one counseling that lasted for over 4 hours. As we met with them I had a chance to get to know some of the new people in the church. Then that evening we had a meeting in a beautiful restaurant with our own room and waiters. We spent all night there eating and listening to questions asked to P. Matti by the locals. Its was so cool to hear how they all have the same BOLD vision to see china evangelized and to see churches planted across their country. I've never seen so many people all believing and wanting to see the same thing happen in their own country. Its like the moment a Chinese brother or sister gets saved they turn into this church planting and evangelizing soldier for Christ! Please pray for the work here in NW China and pray that God would lead you here to visit these great people and to see His great work in China!!!


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