Missions March 2010

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures and Thoughts from Eurocon '09

The Fellowship was so sweet!

Missions March

Late night Rap at a Turkish restaurant with P.Schaller

This Eurocon was such a huge blessing for Roger and I. There is something really special and unique about going to Eurocon from a missions team. I felt as though every message was speaking directly to me in a brand new way. Each speaker's message connected with the one before, all touching specific issues in my heart.
One of my favorite messages was from Pastor Scibelli about missions (of course). In II Corinthians 2:14-17, it speaks about the nations hearing the Gospel. What I loved about this passage was what is says about our spreading of the Gospel. It says that to some it will be life and to some it will be death - but it will always be a sweet fragrance of Christ to God. I have never read this passage with my own personal call to missions in mind before. When you meet Turkish people, or you are walking past thousands of them on the street, there can be a feeling of helplessness and intimidation. We are such a small team, with such limited resources, and this country is FULL of lost souls. But this passage is such a comfort, and it provides such a divine perspective on it all. If we are called to speak to the nations, then lets do it! The great burden of lost souls is only ours in part. It is God who works in the hearts of people. It is God who performs the work in us! It is God's church He is building. It is God's word that we speak. We have no right to feel inadequate. If God chose us to be His ambassadors, what greater power can we have? What higher calling is there than to be a sweet smelling fragrance of Christ? We do not control who will choose life and who will choose death, but we speak nonetheless and God is pleased with His Son in us.

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red said...

Lizzie - very edifying testimony. I had to read those verses in the Amplified...amazing!! I have been telling Bob about Eurocon (he has to come next year)...but I need to buy the CD...life changing messages. I think what blessed me the most was the young people...life reproduced...definitely the Work of God. Was great to see you and Roger...how those Turks love you both...a sweet smelling fragrance for sure. Love and hugs Cathy & Bob B.