Missions March 2010

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fishers of Men

"Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men." (Luke 5)
I have always thought of this calling as something that I must do in my life. But the Lord has made a way for us in the wilderness where we follow Him and He accomplishes His work through us. Its so great to come back to Turkey knowing God is going to accomplish things through us simply because we are following Him by faith. I'm not a master fisher, but He is making me into one. I have no quota to meet or standard to perform, I just have a promise that the Lord has prepared a table for me! This is what has happened in other places around the world. The voice of God travels across the water where we hear and obey the call to follow Christ. But you can't follow unless you forsake. I can't take the world with me on the mission field. I can't plan my own way through the wilderness. But what I lack, God will supply. So as I walk in faith, Jesus says launch out into the deep. I've never been out in the deep but that's where the hidden treasure is found. Secret places where the Lord has drawn us to learn of Him and pour out our lives to others. I want to live the life of ten men. I know I can when I follow Christ into deep waters. At your word, Lord, we will cast out the nets. Teach us to be fishers of me. I can't teach myself but You have prepared a way to learn of You. That I might decrease and you might increase.
John 3:30, Luke 5:1-12, Matthew 11:27-33, Isaiah 45:3-5


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